Mimicking the 1978 scientific study by Dr. Alexander Schauss, this free downloadable poster addresses the physiological and psychological responses to the color Baker-Miller Pink. The study by Dr. Schauss concluded that a subject exposed to this color for 15 minutes will eventually become calm, physically weaker, and experience a loss of appetite. Similar to the original study materials, the poster provides the viewer with a18x24 inch poster of pure Baker-Miller Pink. To feel the effects of this pink hue, open the file on your phone, computer, or hang it on your wall. Stare at the poster for an uninterrupted 15 minutes. Suppress.




The audio for this project was created by artist travl’r for Appetite Monument. These unique audio tracks were created using research, texts, and materials from various scientific studies and academic papers on the subject of color theory, color manipulation, sound creation, and the effects of such color and sound upon the physiological and psychological receptors in our body.

The Cognitive Soundscape is an instrument that was created with two primary components. The first activates cognitive change through key fundamental frequencies and their harmonics. The fundamentals are used as a voice that is rhythmical controlled by messages of intent. These messages are converted to morse code that is then converted to midi notes. The second component is color values used as an input to drive regenerative textures for the background soundscape. The converted content and selected frequencies together will suppress your appetite. The provided audio tracks present the completed soundscape as well as separate components that highlight the sound associated with the each red, green, and blue values that culminate together to create the color Baker-Miller Pink.


Cooking Shows, 2013
digital video with Baker-Miller Pink filter (4:3 ratio)
duration 1:57 hours (loop) Sample Clip: 6:37 minutes

Cooking Shows is a video piece apart of The Schauss Kitchen, an interactive body of work that addresses the psychological and physiological responses to the specific color Baker-Miller Pink. The installation is comprised of found objects, sculpture, video, and performance that explore visceral awareness in relation to this pink, a color scientifically proven to suppress aggression and appetite. Initially demonstrated in the 1978 Dr. Alexander Schauss study, a subject exposed to this color for 15 minutes will eventually become calm, physically weaker in strength, and experience a loss of appetite. With Cooking Shows, Reynolds addresses the Schauss study by presenting the viewer with almost 2 hours of unedited cooking shows entirely filtered with Baker-Miller Pink, curbing the viewer's hunger with each second that passes instead of whetting their appetite. The previously visually appealing food preparations are altered and confused with the reversing effects of the Baker-Miller Pink filter. The found footage in Cooking Shows coated in Baker-Miller pink are at once rendered useless and unnecessary, now hypnotic pink shadows of dietary preparation. The Schauss Kitchen project forces the viewer past mere exposure to Baker-Miller Pink and into literal self-reflection, bathing the viewer and their immediate surroundings in the rosy tint. Through this surreptitious installation, video, and performance, Reynolds creates the opportunity to physically alter the viewer, disrupting the cultural narrative of consumption and effectively changing the viewer's dietary and social interactions.


Click on video screenshot to download.

Click on video screenshot to download.